About us

About us

A bit of history

Legnoegrafite is an artisan laboratory for the design and manufacture of furnishing accessories and bookbinding objects born in 1999 in Pagani (Sa).

Legnoegrafite was born from the meeting of two people, of two different professional and human experiences, those of Flavio Belli and Giovanna Pepe; the first Architect designer expert in the design of furnishing accessories and research of ecological and innovative materials, the second in bioart, paper and bookbinding.

The alchemical fusion of these two characters has given life to legnoegrafite, a place of research, of experimentation to create objects that convey pleasure, beauty and at the same time make furniture.

Talking about our albums, our objects and our materials without being able to show them, touch and breathe them is an arduous and difficult task.

Expressing in words the artisan tradition in which we believe, the painstaking care with which we create our collections is the only tool we have to tell you our story.

A story that smells of wood, string, color and fine papers for a company that, thanks to the absolute quality of its materials, wishes to act as an interpreter of the needs of contemporary living.

Flexibility and innovation as keywords of a unique and specific design that meets the customization needs of a loyal clientele over time.

The processing phases such as decoration, color shades and finishing are carried out entirely by hand with craftsmanship.

The passion for a creative work has led us to a continuous research in the attention to detail and to a harmonious set of shapes and colors.


    Have a good trip in the wood-graphite world.

Flavio and Giovanna